• Imaginary Israel

    Director: Aviva Zimmerman Imaginary Israel is a comedic investigation into the growing phenomenon of young diaspora Jews challenging their connection with […]

  • The Transit Camps

    4 part series
    From the day Israel was founded in 1948 till the end of 1951, within three and a half years, 700,000 Jewish immigrants arrived to the shores of the country[…]

  • Meir Ariel | Eliav Lilti

    Director: Eliav Lilti Screenwriter: Tomer Sarig Meir Ariel, one of the most loved singer/song writers in Israel, received deep recognition during […]

  • A Perfect Housewife| Jane Bibi

    Scriptwriter, director and Cinematographer: Jane Bibi Editor: Noit Geva The more that she was forced to fit within her strict […]

  • AROUS – Desert Rhinos|Naftaly Gliksberg

    The film “Desert rhinos” is a documentary thriller: For the very first time Israeli Mossad officials grant us access into […]