"Oligarchs"  Dir: Alexander Gentelev
Documentary |  2005 |  90 min, 2*50min |  Russian, English subtitles
Co Producer : Point-Du-Jour (Paris) , ARTE
seven bankers who survived the Communist era, prospered, accumulated political and enormous financial power, and ran Russia from behind the scenes.
Today they are known as the Oligarchs.

   "I Also Dwell Among Your Own People: Listening to Azmi Bishara"  Dir: Ariella Azoulaiy
Documentary |  2004 |  50 min |  Arabic; Hebrew, Engish, Hebrew subtitles
Azmi Bishara, a Palestinian Israeli, an intellectual, a leading Arab politician and a member of the Israeli Parliament. The film presents three aspects of Bishara’s distinction and <<otherness>>.

   "Jaffa - a story of a brand"  Eyal Sivan
2008 |  52/90 |  Hebrew, Arabic, English, 
Co Producer : Osnat Trabelsi
The story of the world famous JaffaTM Orange fruit brand name offers the opportunity to examine what a brand name is; how it comes to be; what economic, cultural, political and social influences inform the branding of a prod...

   "Matzpen - Anti -Zionist Israelis"  Dir: Eran Torbiner
documentary |  2003 |  54 min |  Hebrew, Engilsh, Arabic, English subtitles
The film touches the main issues of the Zionist- Palestinian struggle, through the eyes of some of Matzpen's - the Israeli socialist organization - prominent figures, their ideas, opinions and activities then and today.

   "Moments, Israel 2002"  (Mabatim), 
2002 |  56 min |  english subtitles
17 films by 17 different artists cover a wide range of genres, techniques and issues. from documentaries, animation, satire and personal statments. this variety is a faithful reflection of the almost unbearable complexity of our feelings and int...

   "Moments 2003 - I have a dream" 

Moments- I have a dream is a continuation of the Moments - Israel 2002 project. the initiaing theme of moments , came from a call for  short films by Israeli filmmakers giving their reflection on the situation in ...

   "In the State of the Jews"  (Matar Productions)
Documentary |  2004 |  1 Season: 11 episodes x 50 minutes |  Hebrew, 

A fascinating and entertaining documentary series exploring humor and entertainme...

   "Bnot Brown"  (Matar Productions)
Drama Series |  2002 |  8 episodes x 60 minutes |  Hebrew, 

A family drama based on Irit Linor`s novel of the same name.  In the mid 1980`s, a family struggles over love and land.

   "End of the Orange Season"  (Matar Productions)
Documentary |  1998 |  12 episodes x 50 minutes | 

An in-depth documentary series exploring the history of Israeli rock music: the struggle 

   "The Chamber Quintet"  (Matar Productions)
Comedy Series |  1993-1997 |  5 Seasons: 75 episodes x 24 minutes |  Hebrew, 

A weekly sketch comedy and political satire TV series that was recently celebrated, in its fifteen ...

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