• HaGashash- The tip of the kettle

    Hagashash HaHiver was an iconic Israeli comedy trio. Yossi Banai, may he rest in peace, once said that there is nothing more Israeli than the HaGashash Ha Hiver. His younger brother, Gavri, was a member of the group, and Yossi Banai himself wrote and directed some of the trio's greatest sketches. And yet, the equation of Hagashah = Israeliness, requires no protection. It seems that over the years it has become a convention. Almost to the axiom.
    In the new series we will examine this axiom. Were the Gashash really the essence of Israeliness? Or did they serve an easy-to-digest dose of Israeliness in "as if" - to paraphrase one of their well-known sketches - such that all parties enjoyed believing that it was indeed real? And if this is indeed a refined essence of Israeliness, what does it teach about Israelis? And how does she stand the test of time today?