• Meir Ariel | Eliav Lilti

    Director: Eliav Lilti
    Screenwriter: Tomer Sarig

    Meir Ariel, one of the most loved singer/song writers in Israel, received deep recognition during his life. Though his listeners were a small, limited group, critiques and musicians saw him as a unique innovator.  Nowadays, almost two decades after his death, his songs are being rediscovered by audiences he never knew in life. But it’s not only his songs that  intrigue the Israeli audience, but also his artistic versatile persona.  Meir’s resume of roles and positions in life reflect almost every social circle of Israeli society : a hard working Kibutz man, folk singer, hero paratrooper who participated in war, a Jewish Agency envoy sent to encourage Aliya, songwriter, protester, a bohemian arrested for drug use, and finally a religious man.