• David Grossman

    Director: Adi Arbel

    David Grossman is one of the most prominent writers and intellectuals of our time. Since the early 1980s, Grossman has taken his place in the center of Israeli culture and is one of the deep, moving and influential voices in literature. The translation of his books into dozens of languages ​​have made him one of the most famous, admired and beloved Israeli writers in the world. He published a series of masterpieces that excel in rich imagination, wisdom, depth, human sensitivity, a poignant moral position, and a unique language.

    Grossman’s new book has recently been published, and so he agreed, for the first time, to allow the entrance of a camera into a unique event in which he gathers all his translators for a week, isolated from the world, and he reads them the new book, together they discuss it and get to know it.  This is a rare opportunity for a moving film about his unique moving character.