• The German Reparations

    A Three Part Series investigating the story of the German reparations.

    In the early 1950s, Israel was on the verge of a dismal financial crisis.

    The reports of waves of settlers on the one hand, and the lack of substantial income on the other, piled up on the Government’s desk and undermined Prime Minister Ben Gurion’s peace of mind. In face of the threat of famine, Ben Gurion decides to cash out on one of the young country’s major assets – the Holocaust.   

    On the other hand was West Germany – cash heavy thanks to its quick financial rehabilitation, but still trying to shed the mark of Cain affixed by the world’s nations. The joining of interests of both countries leads to a series of initial communications and an agreement starts to form: German compensation for the damages of the holocaust and the stolen Jewish property, in exchange for the “normalization” of the Israeli-German relations which will place Germany back in good standing with the rest of the world’s nations.