• 6 Days in June | Ilan Ziv

    2008| 3 Episodes| Hebrew | English Subtitles


    Six Days in June is a ground-breaking documentary that will bring a contemporary perspective to the Six Day War of June 1967. Slated to be broadcast   in 2007, on the 40th  anniversary of the war, our film  will document  how  the  1967  military engagement forever transformed the politics of the Middle East by helping  to destroy the secular basis of Pan-Arab nationalism  and transform  secular Zionism . It gave rise to a Palestinian nationalist movement and helped to unleash the furies of nationalism and fundamentalist religion throughout the region.

    The weeks that preceded the war, its six days of fighting and the repercussions will serve as the narrative spine of our film.

    By intercutting the military drama with a few stylized vignettes made up of private letters read over archival photographs, we intend to weave a complex tapestry and gain a fuller picture of the region in this critical moment of transition.