• In the Name of the Victims | Ilan Ziv

    2008 | 53 min | English, German, Hebrew | English Subtitles

    On September 10, 1952 the State of Israel and the Jewish organization, which was created to represent World Jewry in its material claims against Germany, signed a reparation and compensation agreement with West Germany.

    In the devastated Jewish communities after the Holocaust, and in the state of Israel struggling to survive only 4 years after its independence, no one noticed the legal precedent that was created. Twenty three Jewish leaders of organizations that were never elected, took upon themselves to represent , forever , the six millions murdered Jews as well as the hundreds of thousands of survivors and their decedents , in their material claims against Germany.

    It is this precedent that came to haunt the Jewish World almost 40 years later when in the 1990′ The Claims Conference and theWorld Jewish Congress , using this post World War legal precedent started a public campaign to restore looted Jewish properties to their rightful owners . These two organizations, by their own words, have succeeded to amass close to 20 billion dollars. IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS is the shocking story of how some of these sums were raised using legal acrobatics that left thousands of survivors bitter and resentful against the very organizations that were supposed to represent them. But even more shocking IN THE NAME OF THEVICTIMS is tracing where some of these billions went, and how despite these astronomical sums thousands of holocaust survivors in Israel and in the United States are ending their lives in utter poverty and humiliation.

    IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS is an historical document which reveals how only 60 years after the horrors of the Holocaust , two Jewish organizations with the acquiescence of practically the entire world Jewish community , acting in the name of the victims and demanding historical justice and fairness succeeded to amass billions of dollars, while most of money never made it to the survivors whom they claim to represent.