• Gaza-Sderot – Life in Spite of Everything | Robby Elmalich & Khalil al Muzayyen

    2008 | 50 min | English, French, Hebrew, Arabic and German | English Subtitles

    Life as experienced by men, women and children in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): their lives and their survival on a daily basis. Under difficult living conditions and the threat of air attacks and bombings, people do keep on working, loving and dreaming. Life in spite of everything.

    In order to document this will to live, short chronicles (2 minutes each) will be shot by both Israeli and Palestinian teams, day after day for two months.  These short stories follow six characters from Gaza and six from Sderot.  In this way, we have a new story of each character every week, and the viewer is able to follow them intimately for 10 weeks.  The stories are aired via the Internet and users have a personal, interactive and non-linear access to these contents on the site built by ARTE France which will include the videos, blogs, forums, links etc.
    The project involves an Israeli team – Alma Films/Trabelsi Productions in cooperation with The Sapir College in Sderot,  a Palestinian team – Ramattan Studios a French documentary production company – Bo Travail! and an interactive production company Upian.com, together with ARTE France and its web team.